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    Undertake plastic injection mold, aluminum alloy casting mold design and processing, Using CAD / CAM / CAE design mold, and the contemporary art LSWEDM, HSM, CNCMC for processing, use Moldflow die within molding process analysis. Cooperate in the development of new products cost half die. Die processing complex structure of the 30-day cycle, a simple mold machining cycle 25 days.
Shell open space
    Die done on the existing partial changes completion of the existing products or sealing the hole. Small batches using shell hole drilling, milling, wire cutting and processing centers, and other equipment provided by the customer in accordance with the drawings processing.
Screen Printing 
    According to the customers design drawings and lithographic printing. 
Shielding Materials
    According to the request of the customer and recommend seamless shielding materials, film shielding materials, ventilation hole shielding materials, observation window shielding materials, Lead-shielding materials. Films and shielding materials to undertake the processing of Brush.
Shell color change
    Shell color is usually beige, gray white, wants to change the color of the shell. use plastic shell pigment incorporation into injection ABS materials requested color, aluminum alloy body is different from the color coating. When asked to color, to provide color, and processing of no less than 500 PCS 

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